At Barossa Veterinary Service, we believe that healthy pets are happy pets. To support you in providing optimal healthcare for your animals, we are delighted to bring you our VIP Club. We have specifically designed this service to give your pet the best chance to live a long and happy life, with plenty of pawsome memories!

With unlimited veterinary and nurse consultations, annual vaccinations, selected health tests, and discounts on many treatments and services, you can rest easy about access to high quality pet care.

This plan will give your pet access to important services while also helping you budget with easy monthly contributions.

Barossa Veterinary Service - VIP Club

Our cores services with the VIP Club:

  • Unlimited routine veterinary and nurse consultations, including nail trim, anal glands and dental check ups
  • Annual vaccinations and health checks tailored to your pet (yes, this is also for puppies and kittens!)
  • 1 routine blood and biochemistry analysis
  • 1 urinalysis including sediment examination
  • $100 off general anaesthetic dental treatment (including scale and polish; does not include extractions)

Additional value services:

  • Welcome Club pack
  • FREE microchipping (if required)
  • FREE heartworm testing (dogs, if required)
  • FREE FIV testing (cats, if required)
  • 10% off parasite prevention treatments, including injectable heartworm prevention
  • 10% off prescription food
  • 10% off merchandise
  • 5% off desexing procedures
  • 5% off prescription medication
  • FREE Home Delivery (within 10kms from the business)
Barossa Veterinary Service - VIP Club

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Is this only for dogs and cats?

Any pet is welcome to join Barossa Veterinary Service VIP Club


2. Is it open for rabbits and other pocket pets?

Yes! Although most pocket pets don’t have vaccinations, they still need health checks and other preventative products. For those that do require vaccinations, these are include as required.


3. Can I sign up multiple animals?

Yes! We welcome all your pets to be VIPs.


4. Can I sign up 1 pet and transfer services to another animal?

Each VIP membership is allocated to one animal only, so we cannot transfer services or products to other pets. We offer 50% off the joining fee for additional pets.


5. Is the Heartworm injection included in the annual vaccination benefit?

 The Heartworm preventative injection is not a vaccination, so it is not covered under the vaccination inclusion. However, as a parasite prevention treatment VIP Club members receive a 10% discount.


6. What if my pet already has health insurance?

The VIP Club is not a substitute for health/pet insurance. If your pet has health/pet insurance, then any routine veterinary or nurse consultations, as well as other products/services that are normally covered by insurance, will be invoiced as per your insurance inclusions. 


General Terms:

(please review full details of inclusions, terms and conditions here

Club membership is designed to maintain the long-term health of your pet and simplify budgeting with monthly payments. Membership services and products are provided at significant discounts, so if you cancel within your 12-month period, services may have been performed that have not been fully paid for. In this situation you are responsible for the remaining payments of the membership or the full retail value for services used, or products provided, less payments made (whichever is less).

Each VIP Club membership is for one animal only, and products and services are not transferable to other pets. Additional animals are welcome to their own membership, with a reduced joining fee after the first pet.

We do not provide refunds of Club fees, nor can we roll over unused inclusions to the next year.

Please see full terms and conditions for more details and to determine if the VIP Club is right for you and your pet

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