VIP Club – Terms and Conditions


Your VIP Club membership includes the following annual benefits (please note this is a 12 month commitment to receive the benefits):

  • Welcome to the Club pack. This folder contains useful and tailored pet owner information to help you manage your pet’s health.
  • Unlimited routine veterinary and nurse consultations, including nail trim, manual anal gland expression and dental check-ups. This inclusion covers all routine consultations within normal consulting hours, with a Barossa Veterinary Service veterinarian or veterinary nurse at our clinic. Consultations require an appointment and will not exceed the time allocation of a regular consultation. If an extended consultation is required, fees may apply. After hours or emergency consultations and home visits are not included in the VIP Club plan. Please note that for nail trims, anal gland expression, and dental check-ups, the inclusions are for a booked appointment with one veterinarian or nurse, that can be completed within 10 minutes with a compliant pet. This inclusion does not cover nail trims that require sedation, or for pets that are seriously distressed by restraint and/or nail clipping and manual anal gland expression. Please discuss alternative options available to your pet to ensure stress and restraint can be minimised if they are not normally compliant with such procedures.
  • **Please note: If your pet already has health/pet insurance, then any inclusions covered by your insurance policy will be invoiced/claimed as per the terms of your insurance. This includes routine consultations, and other products or services that might otherwise be considered VIP Club inclusions. 
  • Annual vaccinations and health checks in accordance with Barossa Veterinary Service vaccination protocols. Your annual vaccinations include all required vaccinations for puppies and kittens where applicable. Pets other than dogs and cats are welcome to join the VIP Club, and please discuss with us the vaccinations required and included for your pet. Please note that Heartworm preventative injection is not a vaccination, so is not covered in the VIP Club vaccination inclusions.
  • 1 routine laboratory test. This inclusion consists of 1 comprehensive blood and biochemistry analysis. Additional tests or investigations will be charged as per our laboratory fees.
  • 1 urinalysis including sediment examination, conducted in-house. Additional tests or investigations will be charged as per our laboratory fees.
  • $100 off general anaesthetic dental treatment. This inclusion allows for one $100 discount when a full general anaesthetic dental examination and treatment is performed, excluding extractions. The examination and preventative treatment is also referred to as a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment (COHA) which includes a scale and polish. Teeth extraction procedures are not included with this discount. 
  • FREE microchipping (if required). This provides for the placement and registration of one microchip if the VIP member pet does not have one already.
  • FREE heartworm testing (dogs). This inclusion is only available for dogs, and where the veterinarian deems a heartworm test is required. Please speak with our staff to discuss heartworm prevention products, and testing requirements. This inclusion is available once only within the first 12 months of VIP Club membership.
  • FIV Testing (cats): This inclusion is only available for cats, and where the veterinarian deems an FIV test is required. Please speak with our staff to discuss vaccination, and testing requirements. This inclusion is available once only within the first 12 months of VIP Club membership.
  • 10% off parasite prevention treatments. This includes worming, flea and tick prevention, and heartworm preventative products.
  • 10% of titre testing. This provides a discount on one full price in-house titre test. Please speak with our staff to discuss if this is required or recommended for your pet.
  • 10% off prescription food. This applies to prescription or veterinarian-only food regularly stocked by Barossa Veterinary Services, that has been recommended for your VIP Club pet. This offer may not be used with other food specials or discounts and may exclude some loyalty benefits. The Royal Canin loyalty benefit of 10th bag free will still apply as per the conditions of that special promotion.
  • 10% off merchandise. This applies to all other products regularly stocked and available from our waiting room merchandise stands. Please see prescription food and preventative treatments for applicable discounts.
  • 5% off desexing procedures. This is available to the VIP Club member if they require desexing.
  • 5% off prescription medications. This applies to all prescription medications that are available through Barossa Veterinary Services, and that have been prescribed for the VIP Club pet by Barossa Veterinary Services, or with suitable evidence of authority to prescribe from a registered Veterinarian or registered Specialist Veterinarian. This offer does not apply to medications required to be purchased from a third-party community Chemist or Pharmacy, or any other business that is not part of Barossa Veterinary Services. BOVA Aus medications will be included as part of the 5% offer.
  • FREE home delivery. We will deliver any products you need to your door, free of charge if you live within 10 kilometres of our Nuriootpa or Kapunda clinic. All products must be pre-paid before delivery can be booked. We will aim to deliver your items within 3 business days, assuming that the item is in stock and/or readily available from our suppliers. We may need to extend this delivery time in certain situations, and our staff will advise as required. Please note that VIP Club home delivery does not include the transport of animals.

We want to provide you and your pet with outstanding service. The best way we can help your pet is with a booked appointment, and with the VIP Club your routine consultations are included in your plan! Due to the nature of a busy veterinary clinic, and the need to cater to emergencies in our working day, we may not be able to respond to emails or messages immediately. Staff are also advised not to respond to clients out of hours, so there is a possibility we are not able to get back to you straight away or on the same day. If you have an emergency, please phone us so we can help and advise the best action to have your pet seen.


General acknowledgements

By joining the VIP Club, you acknowledge the full terms and conditions, and any alterations to such that may be required on occasion.
You also acknowledge that the VIP Club is not an insurance policy and does not cover all veterinary costs that may be needed by your pet over its lifetime.
The VIP Club does not include any other form of payment plan or account for costs incurred beyond standard inclusions.

We reserve the right to refuse, alter or cancel at anytime. We reserve the right to change inclusions, fees and costs of membership at anytime.


12-month membership commitment

VIP Club membership is designed to maintain the long-term health of your pet and simplify your budgeting with monthly payments. As a member, many products and services are provided at significant discounts, so if you cancel within 12 calendar months of joining, you may have received products and services that have not been fully paid for. In this situation you are responsible for any remaining membership payments, or the full retail value for services and/or products provided minus payments already made (whichever is less). This includes VIP cancellation due to the unfortunate event of death of the pet (including euthanasia).
We do not provide refund of Club fees or payments, and unused inclusions are not able to be rolled over to the next year.


Individual membership

Each VIP Club membership is for one (1) animal only. Products and services associated with membership are not able to be transferred to other pets. Additional animals are welcome to have their own membership, at a reduced joining fee.


Joining fee and monthly payments

Each membership commences on receipt of the joining fee and the first monthly payment. Payments are made via our secure online platform. Your credit card used to join the Club will be debited each month for the monthly ongoing payments.
Each membership requires a joining fee. The first pet is at full fee, while each additional pet will benefit from a significant discount on their joining fee. Monthly payments are not discounted for any additional pets.
At the end of your 12-month commitment, you have the convenience of autorenewal. You will receive an autorenewal reminder 1 month prior to the end of your 12 months. If you do not wish to renew your membership, please notify us in writing no later than seven (7) business days prior to your renewal date, so that we may cancel the automated payment process.
Any rejected or dishonoured payments will attract an administration fee of $15 each month this occurs, which will be added to the monthly payments.



Any pet is welcome to join the VIP Club! Please note that payments, services and products will not be varied if your pet does not require particular inclusions.
Please review our inclusions and terms and conditions, to determine if VIP membership is right for you and your pet.


Updates and offers

By joining the VIP Club, you will be included in communications for Club updates, newsletters and offers. You may unsubscribe at any time from these communications. Please note that communications regarding your pet’s healthcare reminders, procedures, or hospital stays will continue.


Your details

By joining the VIP Club, you agree to Barossa Veterinary Service using your details to communicate and process automatic payments. To help us best serve you and your pet, please keep us updated of any changes to your contact or payment details.



Your VIP Club membership entitles you to the inclusions listed at your joining date. We are unable to substitute products or services that you do not require or use during your membership. Please review the inclusions carefully to make sure the VIP Club is right for you and your pet. The generous discounts and access to services are designed to provide your pet with high quality preventative healthcare at reduced costs, and with the convenience of easy monthly budgeting.
From time to time, we may alter the inclusions of the VIP Club. This will not affect your entitlements unless exceptional circumstances apply. In this instance we would notify you and offer alternatives of similar or equal value.
Please note that unlimited routine veterinary and nurse consultations refers to our standard service, within normal clinic opening hours. It does not include emergency, out-of-hours, extended or specialist consultations. Membership of the VIP Club does not entitle any priority to walk-in service or booked appointments. As is the nature of all veterinary services, patients may be triaged and other pets with more urgent needs may take priority. We are also not able to guarantee access to see a veterinarian or nurse on any particular day, or at any particular time. If no suitable appointments are available, we may need to book you in on an alternative day or at an alternative time.


Fair use

The generous benefits and inclusions of Barossa Veterinary Service’s VIP Club are restricted to what would be considered “fair use”. We reserve the right to terminate membership if we deem that usage is leading to an unfair load on other VIP Club members, other clients and patients, and/or our staff.


Zero tolerance for abuse

We reserve the right to terminate VIP Club membership, and to refuse service in any instance where our clients, our patients or our staff are verbally or physically harmed or threatened. We provide a kind, inclusive and compassionate service to our community and all animals, and we appreciate your consideration of us in return.


Feedback welcomed

We believe in exceptional service and continuous learning. To help us provide outstanding care of you and your pet, please let us know if you have any positive feedback, or concerns to raise.

You can reach us on (08) 8562 1162 or

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