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Choosing the correct diet for your pet can be challenging; there are lots of options and lots of different sources of information. Our recommendations at Barossa Veterinary Clinic are based on science, palatability of the food and over 10 years of experiencing impressive results from the product.

Super Premium vs. Non premium pet food; what are the benefits? At Barossa veterinary clinic we regularly get asked what we recommend to feed pets. We will generally recommend a super premium pet food, like Royal Canin or Hills and there are several reasons for this. The first is the premium pet food companies look at what a dog or cat needs at a particular life stage and then formulates a diet full of nutrients to fill that profile, it is not based on the cheapest or most available product. Conversely, your non-premium foods will look at what ingredients they have available and put these together to make a diet that passes standards, and that also tends to have a large number of fillers and artificial colours included along the way. The second reason is, that premium pet food companies spend a lot of time and money, researching their diets, making sure pets like the taste and that the diets are scientifically proven to help prevent common problems in our pets, meaning we work to prevent common problems everyday. The changes most people notice are the softness and shininess of their coat and the smell and consistency of their poo! There are no fillers and because the diet is nutrient dense which results in small volume of faeces that are nicely formed and therefore easy to clean up! Often the barrier is cost, it is true these foods are more expensive, but when worked out per day, they are not significantly different to those purchased from pet stores or the supermarket and the difference in your pet will be noticeable. The final major benefit of these products is their range of prescription diets which can be discussed with your vet to help with ongoing health problems including arthritis, diabetes, obesity, urinary problems and skin troubles which some of our pets are pre-disposed to. If you have questions about a specific diet, please don’t hesitate to come in and have a chat about your pet’s specific needs.

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At Barossa veterinary Clinic we recommend Royal Canin for our wonderful healthy pets and therapeutic diets that assist with management of disease. Royal Canin provide outstanding support to our customers through their loyalty program as well as providing a 100% money back guarantee should your pet dislike the food (although this is very rare). Their philosophy is based on providing nutrition tailored to each pet, no matter the size, age or disease status. Visit for more information.

Come in to view our range and discuss which diet would best suit your pet’s needs.

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