Puppy Classes

This is the most impressionable period of your companion’s life and will influence their confidence in adulthood. Socialisation to other dogs, people and experiences is critical during 6-16 weeks of age to help your pup adapt to life in our complex world.

Our training methods are force free, reward based and takes place inside the Nuriootpa Clinic in a clean, safe environment. This area is suitable for pups to attend before their final vaccination.

The 5-week programme teaches puppies basic mat training, stay, collar hold, recall, leave it and introduction to polite lead walking.

Week 1: We present current information sourced from canine behaviour specialists and trials conducted worldwide. Issues are discussed as a group – play bite, jump, dig, house soiling – and guidance provided to minimise &/or eliminate inappropriate behaviours.

Family participation is encouraged, young people embrace this positive method of training providing lifelong care and compassion towards all animals.

Puppy Preschool graduates may continue in our next level of training which is acknowledged by The Barossa Council and Light Regional Council.

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