Every dog thrives with daily enrichment, this can be in the form of a walk, toys, games and interaction with you. There are many enrichment items available, our clinic sells quality, sturdy items providing hours of entertainment.

Feeding is a wonderful opportunity to engage your companions natural desire to hunt and seek. Simply scatter their dry food on the ground – inside or outside – you may need to encourage the find when first presenting this to them.

Agility – basic level is introduced at our senior puppy classes, this popular activity is enjoyed by parties and equipment is often purchased for the back yard.

Scentwork – taps into how our dogs see the world. Did you know they have 220 million scent receptors in comparison to our 6 million? This method of training is increasing in popularity assisting anxiety, reactivity and confidence. 

Trick training – enjoyable interaction for both companion and client, coming soon.

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